About Us


GJ Nature Care & Energy Private Limited (GJNCE), an Indian subsidiary of a UK based company was the lead partner in bidding for this project. GJ Nature Care & Energy Limited is allied with two British companies, Biomass Power Limited & London Investments Consultancy Limited to provide ‘Waste to Energy Solutions’ from Municipal Solid Waste.

We design, install and operate the plant, having highly optimized and proven technology of staged gasification with steam cycle, which ensures to meet the criteria of advanced conversion technology without any technological risk. Our extensive in­house computerized fluid dynamic simulations and analysis capabilities enable us to achieve maximum energy output from significantly varied, unsorted, and high moisture containing municipal waste with minimal landfill ash generation. Our combined design of heat and power system efficiently utilizes the energy from steam, allowing us to process the waste with excellent emission controls and minimal residue discharge.

We consider waste as a precious resource and convert it to clean green renewable source of energy. We have over 200 years of combined experience in waste-to-energy projects all over the world. Our team of professionals and experienced technical experts deliver technology innovating green energy concepts.

G.J ECO POWER PVT. LTD. (Consortium Company)

G J Eco Power Limited is an Indian based waste to energy solution providers with excellent local knowledge of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) problems and passionate to convert the waste problem into an energy solution for the society and the betterment of our environment.

GJ Eco Power Pvt Ltd is an SPV company registered in India with the following shareholding companies- Biomass Power (British Technology provider), GJ Nature Care& Energy Pvt Ltd and London Investments Consultancy (UK Financial Partner). The SPV structure ensures the technical and financial commitment for the projects through equity partnership of technology provider and investment partner.

The company‘s core technical and management team has successfully implemented several Waste to energy projects globally and carry over 200 years of collective hands-on experience in the sector.

The objective of the company is to establish internationally proven robust technical solutions to India’s ever growing environmental, waste and hygiene problems. The company strongly believe these sustainable waste to energy solutions will enable our cities to achieve the desired cleanliness and eliminate the stray dogs, rodent and insect infestation problems. The company will be opening an ever growing technically competent market for Indian citizens through proven western technologies.

The company’s core activities include:
  • Municipal Solid Waste management and Waste to Energy
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Waste management

MD's Message

We are absolutely committed and passionate to save our cities and neighbourhoods from ever growing waste accumulation and associated environmental damages. We will collectively implement proven technological solutions to create sustainable energy from the waste without damaging the environment.

We can see that developed countries have over the past three decades mastered the art of converting waste to energy as an answer to the challenges of processing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into a sustainable green energy source. The technology and business model is very well established and rapidly growing across the globe and this project will be an initiative to launch this successful solution in India through the Kochi Brahmapuram waste to energy plant.

The effective implementation of waste to energy project will provide vital supply of electricity to our community and such scientifically proven systems will prevent further damage to our environment. So let us work together to create a cleaner plant for our future generations.

Our Mission

To provide our stakeholders and communities with a healthy, safe, pollution free environment by removing waste from our cities and generate clean sustainable energy solutions. To protect our people and environment from the harmful effects of waste and associated pollution.

Our Vision

To be India’s leading clean energy supplier from the municipal solid waste and to be a quality service provider in green energy and environmental cleaning sector. This will create a sustainable planet for future generations

Team Members

An experienced team of experts in every sector of the technologies we use is our strongest asset. Our team has extensive experience and expertise in all areas of waste-to-energy and waste management solutions. Our professional experts can deliver you the ultimate solution for your waste management problem. We aim at providing highest quality of service in every phase of project from initial consultation to final project implementation.

GJ Eco Power Pvt. Ltd. management team is led by our Managing Director Mr.Giby George. The technical team is led by the technical director Mr.Stephen John. The operations team is led by Mr.Colin Brown and our ongoing projects team is led by our Project Director, Mr.Abilash Abel.